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Protect your copyright
Part 2

Is someone copying or stealing your website. Protecting copyrighted information can be a real problem.

Pirating or hacking of copyrights website security can be an everyday occurrence.

Unfortunately information you have spent hours, weeks, months, or years developing is often stolen in a matter of seconds. This is a simple way you can see if your material has been copied or stolen.

Try this:

  • Word an essential paragraph in a very unusual way
  • Copy the paragraph
  • Set up a google alert for the entire paragraph in quotes
  • This will cause google to only send alerts when there is an exact copy of your paragraph
  • Wait for the results in your email.

I find a lot of people who have copied my site using this method. After you find them take what ever legal action you think is appropriate. I start with demand letters asking them to remove the material. If that does not I ask my lawyer to take care of it.