Monty is an award winning magician and currently holds three Guinness World Records in Magic.
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About Monty
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Zombie Ball

Zombie Ball

A Zombie routine involves a floating ball that is partially hidden by a scarf and appears to rise and fall at will. The gimmick that makes it possible is a wire armature that fits over the magicians thumb or finger and allows him to guide the ball while holding the scarf in front of it. If the scarf you are using is 30 inch wide then the wire should reach 15 inch from where it is wrapped around your thumb to the center of the scarf. The Ball should appear to float between your hands without support.

You can buy a commercially made Zombie gimmick and ball or you can make your own out of heavy gauge wire and various kinds of balls. Styrofoam balls are very light weight and inexpensive, but can only be used a few times before the hole becomes larger and they won't stay on the wire tip. Balls of crumpled aluminum foil can be used once or twice and discarded. Hollow practice golf balls, ping-pong balls and light weight children's rubber or plastic balls can be used as well. The important point is that they can be firmly stuck to the tip of the Zombie wire and, later, detached quickly. Duplicate balls may also be used to show that the ball is unattached before and after the Zombie routine.

Your ball can have a smiley face or eyes or be a snowball, a fishing float or a comet. Soft tissue paper draped over the ball can make it into a floating ghost. You can personalize your routine to fit your story line or style. By controlling the movement of the ball you can make it appear to bob, dive, pull to the right or left, travel behind your back, hide under the scarf or do whatever your imagination suggests. Practice in front of a mirror and watch your angles.

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