Monty is an award winning magician and currently holds three Guinness World Records in Magic.
Monty specializes in corporate and fundraising events.

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About Monty
About Monty
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Suspension Illusion

Suspension Illusion

Learn the magician's secrets of the magic Suspension Illusion and learn how to build the magic Suspension Illusion.

The magic Suspension Illusion is inexpensive to build.

The magic Suspension Illusion is portable.

The magic Suspension Illusion is easy to setup.

The magic Suspension Illusion is can be presented on practically any stage.

Magic Effect:
You call the audience attention to a thin board on top of two supports. Your magical assistant is asked to lie horizontally on the board. Hypnotize your magical assistant then remove one of the supports. Your magical assistant remains suspended even with only one support. Now you remove the second support and your magical assistant remains suspended. You can pass a ring around your magical assistant to show there are no means of support of any type. Your magical assistant is floating in mid air.

Download the video tutorial and start learning the secrets so you can start building your magic Suspension Illusion.

Product Specifications:
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