Monty is an award winning magician and currently holds three Guinness World Records in Magic.
Monty specializes in corporate and fundraising events.

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About Monty
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Signature Card

Signature Card

After a short card routine you place the spectator's card between their hands. One hand below the card and the other hand on top of the card. Take out two colored pens. Without removing the cap pretend to sign the back of the hand and draw a simple picture. Rub the hand gently, say the magic word and transfer every thing you just drew through their hand and onto the card. They uncover the card and now find the drawing and message on their selected card.

You can do this illusion with one color pen but I use two. I find this increases the suspense as you are signing the back of their hand and switching pens. Do not use 3 colors. That seems to take away from the illusion

Move outline:
Setup up top 2 cards.
Force top card.
Replace back on top of duplicate card.
Control to top.
Triple lift.
Top Change

Place the card to be forced on top of the deck. Place a duplicate card with the signature and drawing second from the top of the deck. You are now ready to perform the illusion.

Riffle down the cards and ask the spectator to tell you when to stop. I do a swing cut force. When the spectator says stop, cut about half of the cards from the top of the deck into the left hand. Tap these cards with the cards in the right hand then thumb off the card from the left hand pack to the spectator. That will be the original top card. Have the spectator remember the card and return it to the deck. Make sure it goes back on top of the duplicate signed card and control both to the top of the deck.

Tell the spectator you will bring their card to the top of the deck. Do a triple lift. Oops! Wrong Card. No problem, I can fix that. Turn the three cards back over and slide the top card (selected card) half way through the deck. Ask the spectator to pull the card the rest of the way out.

They are very surprised to find that the wrong card has changed to their selected card and think the trick is over. This is all the misdirection you need. Take the card back and do a top change. Ask the spectator to hold out their hands. Place what they believe to be their selected card but is actually the signed card between their hands.

The rest is acting. Take out the pens, pretend to sign the back of their hand, say the magic word and have fun.

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