Monty is an award winning magician and currently holds three Guinness World Records in Magic.
Monty specializes in corporate and fundraising events.

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About Monty
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Show Me A Trick Surprise

Show Me A Trick Surprise


Often when you are performing someone will say I know a great card trick. Let me show you one. Let them do it but this time it will end with a surprise that full the entire audience (Even the spectator who asked to do the trick.)


Use a blank face card. Write on the face 'Wow! you really did find my  card' and sign it. Place this card in your pocket or some place where it is easy to steal and you are ready to go.

When someone ask you if they can do a trick simply hand them the deck and say sure. While they are shuffling the cards you simply steel the card you have signed and place it in your pocket. Most spectators are slow and not very good at shuffling the cards plus all the spectators are watching them. This means you have a lot of time to steal the signed card.

Usually the card trick they do will be some version of pick a card and they will find it. It does not matter which trick they do. When they ask you to pick the card, take any card. Show it to the other spectators and put it in your pocket. Say something like 'I don't want him to see it, only kidding'. Switch the selected card with the sign card and return it to the deck as they instruct.

The rest is acting. You usually have a long time misdirection here while they go through the trick to find you signed card. Have them check the deck to see that the selected card is actually gone. What a surprise. They will completely have forgotten that you ever went to your pocket.

After the trick is over tell the spectator to keep the signed card as a souvenir of the trick he did. Later simply palm the selected card out of your pocket and return it to the deck.

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