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Show Me A Trick

Show Me A Trick

We have all heard that question and wondered what should I show them. Did I do this one for them before. As a magician the last thing you want to do is start a trick only to hear them say something like 'Oh great, I like this one.' Or worse yet they will turn to their friends and talk about what is going to happen which destroys the effect.
If you perform close-up a often, it is almost impossible to keep track of which tricks you have shown. You don't repeat tricks to the same spectators.
It is especially important with your first 3 tricks and I try never to repeat my lead trick. As a professional magician it is not uncommon to do 2 or 3 tricks and then move on to the next table or group of spectators. You don't want to show them the same tricks next time you see them.
The system I use takes a little work to develop but has completely cured this problem for me. This is true for table hopping in a restaurant or just a little magic for some new friends.
I have my regular tricks that I always carry and perform for people who I know have never seen me perform and for longer performances.  In addition to that I have 52 rotating tricks. I rotate the lead or first trick that I do every week. Yes, this means I had to  come up with a list of 52 tricks that I liked and learned in addition to my regular arsenal. The advantage is my lead trick changes every week and will not repeat for one year. I will start every close-up performance with this lead trick for one week. The next week I rotate in a new lead trick and rotate last weeks trick to the number 2 spot. On the third week I rotate it to the number 3 spot. After the third week the trick is retired for one year.
The only exception to this is when I am working conventions or locations where I see the same people often. In that case I may change the rotation daily or in extreme cases even hourly.
Enjoy, It will always keep your magic looking fresh and is not as difficult as it sounds.

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