Monty is an award winning magician and currently holds three Guinness World Records in Magic.
Monty specializes in corporate and fundraising events.

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About Monty
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Nuts And Bolts

Nuts And Bolts


You show a nut, washer, and bolt as sepreate pieces. Place them in your left hand then sprinkle some magic dust over it. Open your left hand and the nut, washer, and bold are now assembled into one peice.


Hold out your right hand with a loose bolt, nut and washer in it. Pick the pieces up with your right hand so that it is clear that they are all separate. Turn your right hand over so that it appears you are dropping the three pieces into your left hand. Immediately close your left hand and begin rubbing your fingers and thumb together. Frown as if you are concentrating very hard and then slowly open your left fist to reveal the washer is now on the bolt with the nut holding it in place. You have apparently assembled the three pieces single handed. Now that's manual dexterity.


You have two sets of nuts, bolts and washers. One set in your left hand pocket is already assembled. The other set is loose in your right hand pocket. With your hands casually in your pockets lead the conversation around to 'Not everyone can be a magician. You have to have incredible manual dexterity and great powers of concentration. This is a test I had to pass before I was allowed to study real magic.' Bring your hands out of your pockets with the right hand palm up showing the loose pieces and the left hand palm down casually palming the already assembled pieces. Show the loose pieces and turn your right hand over as if you were dropping them into your left hand. Close your left hand and raise it up in front of your chest. Reach into your right pocket to get some invisable magic dust. While you are doing this carefully and quitly let the loose pieces go. Sprinkle the invisable magic dust over your left hand then open your left and and reveal the fully assembled Nut and Bolt.

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