Monty is an award winning magician and currently holds three Guinness World Records in Magic.
Monty specializes in corporate and fundraising events.

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About Monty
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Number Prediction

Number Prediction

Version 1 - Magic Square


Show a Magic Square made of nine numbers to some one and ask him to choose any three numbers in a row. The numbers can run across, vertically or diagonally. Tell them to add the three numbers together in their mind or on a scrap of paper. Take back the Magic Square and in your most magical performance announce that the number they have arrive at is 15.


Every row of numbers add up to 15 so it doesn't matter which row they choose. The answer is always 15. Make sure you have taken back the square before you announce the answer so they can't add up the other rows.

Version 2

Version 3

This Magic Square was made famous by the German artist Albrecht Durer when he included it as a very small part of a large painting. If you add the numbers across or vertically or diagonally they all total 34. But this square is even more interesting. If you add the numbers in the four corners they also total 34. So do the four numbers in the middle. The two middle numbers in the top row (3 & 2) added to the two middle numbers in the bottom row (15 & 14) total 34. The two numbers in the middle of the left hand column (5 & 9) and the two numbers in the middle of the left hand column (8 & 12) total 34. The four numbers in each of the four quarters of the square total 34. Make a prediction on paper ahead of time or pretend to read the mind of the volunteer who does the addition.

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