Monty is an award winning magician and currently holds three Guinness World Records in Magic.
Monty specializes in corporate and fundraising events.

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About Monty
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Joyal Stack

Joyal Stack

Memorized Decks
This is the stack that Monty uses


A = 6, 12, 24, 48, RCO

2 = 22, 40, 42, 44 CO

3 = 33, 34, 38, 39, CO

4 = 4, 8, 16, 32, CO

5 = 10, 20, 30, 50, RCO

6 = 2, 3, 26, 52, CO

7 = 7, 14, 21, 28, CO

8 = 41, 45, 46, 52 CO

9 = 9, 18, 27, 36, CO

10 = 5, 15, 25, 35, RCO

Court cards - Clubs = 13K, 23Q, 43J

Court card - Hearts = 1J, 11Q, 31K

Court card - Spades - 17J, 37Q, 47K

Court card - Diamonds - 19K, 29Q, 49J

CO = ChaSeD Order

RCO = Reverse ChaSeD Order

Types of Stacks

A stack is a group of cards set in a specific order. It might be one or two cards or a complete deck.

A partial stack is a setup of a few cards, usually placed on the top or the bottom of the deck. The cards are usually set in an order for a specific trick.

A complete stack is a setup of all fifty-two cards in a deck. This setup is used to perform one or more specific tricks. In general, a stack does not allow you to know the identity of a card by the position that card occupies. This is called a stack deck.

A memorized deck is a complete stack but the magician knows the exact location of every card in the stack. The magician has memorized the location of each and every card in the stack.

Name Any Card

Effect: The spectator names a card. You reveal it in an amazing an impossible manner.

Method: Since you are using a memorized stacked deck it is actually very easy. The spectator names the card. You simply cut to the card and reveal the card in a fun and amusing manner. The problem is you probably cannot cut to the card with 100% accuracy. This gives you some examples of how to handle the situation if you miss by a few cards.

In a perfect cut your card will be on the bottom of the cut curds. In this case I usually just reveal the card since someone might have got a flash of the card. Actually this is not my favorite even though it is a perfect cut. If you miss by one it is actually a much better trick.

If you miss one card short, you in what I think is the best possible position. Cut the cards. The spectator's card is not on the top of the deck. There are thousands of possibilities. I often do a double lift, show that the top card is the wrong card, turn the cards back over and have the spectator hold the top card. Turn the deck face up and check the entire deck for the spectator's card. Of course it is not there. Check the spectator's hand to find the card the spectator was holding has changed to the selected card.

If are two cards short, top palm one card. Produce it from the air or some where with a flourish and joke, 'I know this is not your card.' Return it to the bottom of the deck. The selected card is now on top of the deck.

If are three or more cards short, fan the cards and ask is your card in these. Return the fan to the bottom of the deck. Thumb off the number of cards you missed. Fan these and ask is your card in these. Return these cards to the bottom of the deck. The selected card should now be on top of the deck. Have fun.

If you cut one card past the selected card, cut the cards. Do any of the many color changes that can be done with the bottom two cards. Do not forget to change the cards back later so your deck will still be in the memorized order. I usually do this as I put the deck away.

If you cut two or more cards past the selected card, cut the cards and turn the cards face up. Thumb off the cards one at a time until you get in position for a color change. Cut these cards to the top of the deck. Tell the spectator this is taking too long. Let me use a little magic. Perform the color change. Don't forget to change it back later.

Any Card Named Upside Down in Deck

Cut to the selected card. Fan the top half of the cut and show the spectator it is not in this half. Use your pinky finger to turn over the selected curd under cover of the fan and replace it on the bottom of the fan. Fan the other half of the cars and show their card is not their either. Place the two fans together and square the cards. You can now spread the cards to reveal the upside down selected card.

Any Card At Any Number

With a memorized deck, this is not that difficult to do. Simply subtract the difference between the location of the selected card and the location where you want the card to be. Cut to the difference between these two cards. The selected card will now be at the position in the deck that was requested. Simply count down to that position and reveal the selected card.

If the selected card is the larger number, cut from the top.

If the selected card is the smaller number cut from the bottom.

Example 1:
Spectator 1 says Queen of Hearts which we know is at position 11.
Spectator 2 says 15.
This is a difference of four. Cut four cards from the bottom of the deck in this case. The Queen of Hearts is now in position number 15.

Example 2:
Spectator 1 says Queen of Hearts which we know is at position 11.
Spectator 2 says 9.
This is a difference of two. Cut two cards from the top of the deck in this case. The Queen of Hearts is now in position number 9.

Example 3:
Spectator 1 says Six of Spades which we know is at position 26.
Spectator 2 says 5.
This is a difference of 21. Cut 21 cards from the top of the deck in this case. The Six of Spades is now in position number 5.

Think Time
Sometimes you need thing time to do the math in your head. No problem, just close your eyes and hold the cards or card box next to your head. Tell the audience that it is difficult to make the cards move. Please be quite for a minute while I concentrate.


If you would like to give a little Physic reading when revealing the card, below is a list of the Physic meaning of the cards listed in the order of the stack.

Jack Heart: A close friend or a good-natured, fair-haired youth.

Six Club: Business success. Getting financial help.

Six Heart: Unexpected good luck. Someone helping you out.

Four Club: Changes for the worse. Lies and betrayal.

Ten Diamond: Money and travel highlighted. Fortunate changes.

Ace Diamond: A ring or present of jewelry. News about money. A letter concerning money.

Seven Club: Prosperity and success. Be careful of trouble coming from a person of the opposite sex.

Four Heart: A change, a journey or a move of house or business. A late marriage.

Nine Club: Achievements. A new lover or admirer. Don't be stubborn.

Five Diamond: Success in business. Happy family.

Queen Heart: A kindly fair haired woman.

Ace Spade: Emotional conflict, obsession, death. Things coming to a head.

King Club: An honest, generous and affectionate man. A dark-haired man.

Seven Heart: An unfaithful or unreliable person. Broken promises.

Ten Spade: Misfortune and worry. Imprisonment. Unwelcome news.

Four Spade: Illness. Business and money worries. Broken promises.

Jack Spade: A well-meaning but immature and unreliable youth. A very dark-haired youth.

Nine Heart: The wish card. Dreams come true.

King Diamond: A stubborn and influential man. A very fair-haired man.

Five Spade: Happy home but interference from other people. Reversals and opposition

Seven Spade: Loss of friendship or loss of a friend. An unexpected burden. A warning against losses and sorrow.

Two Club: Gossip. Disappointments and opposition.

Queen Club: An attractive, self-confident woman. A dark-haired woman.

Ace Heart: The home, love, friendship, joy the start of a romance. A love letter.

Ten Heart: Good luck and happiness.

Six Spade: Small improvements.

Nine Spade: Bad luck in all things. Depression and low energy. Destruction, deaths. Extreme anxiety.

Seven Diamond: Surprise news or a gift. Problems and losses at work.

Queen Diamond: A woman who loves to party and to gossip. A flirt. A very fair-haired woman.

Five Heart: Jealous people around you. Take your time to make any decisions.

King Heart: A good-natured, fair haired man. Good advice.

Four Diamond: An inheritance. Improvements in finances.

Three Club: Marriage to a wealthy partner. Money coming from the partner.

Three Heart: You need to be cautious. Don't say something you'll regret.

Ten Club: Unexpected money coming in. Good luck. Travel abroad.

Nine Diamond: Surprise with money. New business opportunities. Restlessness.

Queen Spade: A widow. An unscrupulous woman. A very dark-haired woman.

Three Spade: Unfaithfulness and partings. Be wary in partnerships.but eventual success.

Three Diamond: Legal problems, domestic arguments. A legal letter.

Two Heart: Success and prosperity. An engagement or partnership.

Eight Club: Trouble in relationships, business and personal. Jealousy and greed.

Two Diamond: A love affair attracting disapproval from others. A business partnership.

Jack Club: A reliable friend. A dark-haired youth.

Two Spade: Separation, gossip and deceit. Difficult changes.

Eight Heart: Visits and visitors. Invitations out or attending a party.

Eight Spade: Trouble and disappointment. Plans go awry. Friends let you down. Cancellations.

King Spade: An ambitious and authoritative man. A very dark-haired man.

Ace Club: Wealth, health, love and happiness. A letter concerning money.

Jack Diamond: A relative. A very fair-haired youth. Watch out for dishonesty or unreliability.

Five Club: New friends and a successful marriage. Help from friends.

Eight Diamond: A marriage and travel late in life. Financial ups and downs.

Six Diamond: Problems in a second marriage.

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