Monty is an award winning magician and currently holds three Guinness World Records in Magic.
Monty specializes in corporate and fundraising events.

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About Monty
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Egg Vanish and production

Egg Vanish and production


The Magician displays an ordinary egg, places it in a bag and flattens it. The bag is opened and shaken out but the egg has vanished. It may reappear some where else later.


The egg is nothing but the hollow shell. The contents have been blown out through a hole in one end. The bag has two pockets. The egg shell is placed in pocket one of the pockets and the bag is crushed. The other pocket is then opened to show that the egg has vanished, shell and all.


To make your own blown egg, wash the shell thoroughly with detergent, rinse, and dry. Using a sharp sewing needle make a pin hole at the narrow end of the egg. Make a pin hole in the opposite end and very gently enlarge it to the diameter of a pencil. Hold the egg over a cup and slowly blow into the pin hole at the top. The contents of the egg will be forced out of the larger hole at the bottom. If you have trouble getting the egg out, use the needle to puncture the yolk and try again. Once the egg shell it empty, run cold water into it, put your fingers over the two holes, and gently shake to clean it out. Rinse several times and then dry the outside and set it back into the egg carton to dry inside as well.


Place the egg into a bag. Crush the bag to show the bag empty or use a change bag. You can then show that the egg has mysteriously reappeared in any location you wish simply by placing a duplicate egg in that location before the performance.

You can write a prediction ahead of time on a slip of paper, roll it into a tight cylinder, and push it inside the egg shell through the larger hole. Place the egg into an eggcarton with other eggs so that it looks like a normal egg. When you take it out to show to the audience, hold it with your thumb on one end and your forefinger on the other, so that they cover the holes. Use any magician's force to have the spectator pick your prediction. Crack the egg open and display the written prediction.

You can load the empty eggshell with confetti using a funnel of rolled up paper. Put a tiny piece of clear tape over the hole to prevent the confetti from falling out. Magically produce the egg. Find a magical, mystical way to crack it and produce the confetti.

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