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Card Rope Penetration

Card Rope Penetration

The spectator selects a card from the deck. You fold the card in fourths and tear out the center. Give the folded center to the spectator to hold. The out side portion of the card is unfolded and placed on a rope. A spectator holds each end of the rope while you cover the card with a cloth. Reach under the cloth, do a little magic and remove the card from the rope. This would be impossible since the spectators have not let go of the ends of the rope. But it did. You hand the piece you removed to the spectator holding the center. There are no extra tears in the card and it matches the center the spectator has been holding. 

Move required:
Card force.
Bobo or similar switch.

You need a duplicate card. Fold the duplicate card in fourths.Tear out the center. Place the out side portion of the card (still folded under) the corner of a handkerchief and place it on the table. The prepared center is either finger palmed or placed in a location that you can easily steel it. I hold the center in a palmed position until I am ready to make the switch. Note: to do this you must be able shuffle and force a card while you have the center palmed. This can be done but it is much easier to put the card in a place were you can steel it when you are ready to do the switch. Palming it is more convincing but takes a lot more practice. Place the duplicate card in a position to force it. I put it on the top of the deck. Have a rope in your pocket. You are now ready to perform.  

Ask the spectator to pick a card (Force duplicate card). Take the card and fold it in fourths. Make sure the fold matches your prepared card.  Tear out the center of the card. Hand the center (do a bobo switch) to the spectator. the spectator now has the prepared center. Reach in your pocket to get the rope (dump the palmed center piece). Unfold the outside selected card and thread it onto the rope. Ask a spectator to hold each end of the rope.

At this time most of the work is done and you can start really having fun and build up the effect. Tell the spectator they have the center of the card and you just threaded the outside of the card on the rope and a spectator is holding each end so the card cannot escape. But this was Hudini's favorite card and escapes are always possible.

Pick up the handkerchief and palm the prepared outside portion of the card. Cover the portion of the card that is on the rope with the handkerchief. Reach under the handkerchief. Unfold the prepared card and lay it on the table. Tear the card that is on the rope. Remove it from the rope, fold and palm it.

Remove the handkerchief and show that the card has escaped the rope. Tell the spectator to check it and match it with the center they have been holding.

You can dump the palmed piece of card as you put the handkerchief away.

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