Monty is an award winning magician and currently holds three Guinness World Records in Magic.
Monty specializes in corporate and fundraising events.

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About Monty
About Monty
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Card Magic:
Biddle Grip
Card Box
Card Castle
Card Knife
Card Rope Penetration
Cards Across
Cell Phone Acrd Predection
Color Changing Card
Color Changing Card 2
Color Changing Card 3
Color Monte
Elmsley Count
Eraser Card
False Cuts
False Cuts Animated
Kiss The Magician
Memorized Decks
Mechanics Grip
One Hand Top Palm
Pet Card Trick
Pualani and the Surfer
Signature Card
Stacked Deck
Stripper Deck
Three Card Monte
Two Card Monty

Close-Up Magic:
Nuts and Bolts.
Paper Clips.
Show Me A Trick.
Show Me A Trick Surprise.
Spring Puzzle.
Sweet Surprise.
Tipping Like A Magician.
Too Much Sugar.
Vanishing Glass.

Coin and Money Magic:
Chewing Gum or Cash
Coin from Dollar
Coin Matrix
Coin Matrix Animated
Coin through Bottle
Coin through Table
Coin to Watch
Downs Palm
Continuous Coin Production
Hand washing
Paper to Money
Scotch and Soda routine
Tipping Like A Magician.

Levitation and Animation:
Animation Basics
Anti gravity Straw
Floating Straw

Fire Magic:
Fire Book
Fire Card
Fire Coin Production
Fire Freaks
Flash Appearance
Fire to Rose
Match Pull

Flower Magic:
Fire to Rose
Rose Magic video
Silk to Rose

Aribian Tent
Assistant's Revenge
Breakaway Box
Flash Appearance
Mirror Production Box
Production Screens
Production Table
Swords and Stand plans
Sword Through Head
Sub Trunk
Suspension Illusion
Table 1
Tip Over Trunk
Zig Zag

Mental Magic and Predictions:
Magic Words
News Pridiction.
Number Pridiction.
Piles of Ten.
Predictable Years.

Restaurant Magic:
Anti gravity Straw
Floating Straw
Fun at Starbucks
Levitating Straw
Restored Straw Wrapper
Sponge Ball To Rose.
Straw Production
Straw Through Straw
Straw Through Table
Straw Vanish
Sweet Surprise
Tipping Like A Magicain.

Rope Magic:
Ring and Rope Routine.
Square Knot.

Silk Magic:
TT Silks - Color changing silk routine.

Sponge Ball Magic:
Back Palm.
Continuous Ball Production.
Roll Down Vanish.
Sponge Ball To Rose.
Table Vanish.
Toss Vanish.

Stage Magic:
Cell Phone Mania.
Paper Change Bag.
Concentric Canisters.
Egg Vanish.
Genie Tube.
Magic Camera.
Magic Lunch Box.
Magic Production Screen.
Paper Hat Tear.
Production Box.
Ring and Rope.
Rose Box.
Zombie Ball.

Tips and Tricks:
Live On TV News.
Magicians Choice.
Paddle Move.
Torn and Restored.

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