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Biddle Grip

Biddle Grip

The Biddle grip is an overhand grip that will give you complete control of the top cards. It is a simple hold that is frequently used in card tricks. You can use a Biddle grip to hold a deck, multiple cards, or a single card. It is commonly used in transferring cards and displaying cards.

Hold the deck from above with your thumb on the end of the deck that is facing towards yourself and your middle and index finger should be on the opposite end of the deck.

Your pointer finger and pinkie finger are not actually holding the cards and are often used for moves and slights while in the Biddle grip.

The Biddle grip was invented by a magician named Sid Lorraine, who lived from 1905 to 1989. Lorraine, who was also a comic, was born in England as Sid R. Johnson and lived in Canada.

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