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A Wizard's Christmas
A fun comedy about witches, wizards, and Christmas

Produced by

Monty's Magic Theater


The Wizards of Monty's Magic Theater

A Wizard's Christmas - picture from past years.
Picture from a past shows.
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A comedy about wizards opening their Christmas presents. It's not quite Christmas so things get a little tricky causing magical things to happen as they try not to get caught and of course strange magical things happen when they do open the presents. Family entertainment recommended for all ages. A Wizards' Christmas has been playing in theaters since 2001 and every year the show is updated with new magical mystical scenes.

Check the performance calendar for locations, dates, and times.
If you would like to book this play in your theater or venue, simply contact the wizard below.
P.O. Box 5163
Depere, WI

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