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Muggsy's Merry Christmas
By: Donald Payton.
December 17th-22rd

Picture from past years.

Produced by

Perfect Presentations
1534 Lyon Drive
Neenah 54956 WI
Phone: 920 729 9566

Directed by



Carl Simpson as Mr. Maxwell:
Middle-aged, head of the family.

Gaylene Davis as Mrs. Maxwell:
The very understanding mother of the house.

Nickolas Geffers as Lucas Maxwell:
Energetic thirteen year old son who wants to open his presents immediately.

Rebecca Simpson as Courtney Maxwell:
Gracious fifteen year old daughter. She is also very anxious to open her presents.

Aaron Allen as Muggsy:
A harmless crook who comes nosing around the Maxwell home. Completely dazed by the Christmas tree and all of the presents.

Shaun Marthaler as Elmer:
Muggsy’s partner in crime. Like Muggsy, he’s never seen anything that could equalthis Christmas tree.


Christmas is here at last in the Maxwell home! Lucas and Courtney are very anxious to open their presents. But Pa Maxwell says “No, not until cousin Arthur gets here.” Arthur just got out of the hospital and Mr. Maxwell is intent on giving him the merriest Christmas imaginable. While the Maxwells are out delivering food to the Salvation Army, Muggsy and Elmer, a couple of hapless thieves, drop in very much intent upon burglarizing the place. While they are stumbling around the room, the Maxwells come home. Elmer manages to hide, but poor Muggsy stumbles over the footstool and falls flat on his face. The Maxwells mistake him for cousin Arthur and the result is a complete three-ring circus of howls, laughter, and Christmas fun! One interior set.
P.O. Box 5163
Depere, WI

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