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About Monty:

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Monty is:

  • A Guinness World Record Holder
  • A full time professional magician and the creator of several magic tricks and magic illusions used by magicians all over the world.
  • The publisher of nearly one hundred Android apps used in theatre, acting, and magic.
  • The publisher of several videos about magic
  • The owner of Monty's Magic Theatre.

Monty has magic shows that fit almost any budget from small private parties to large corporate events. Contact us if you have an event coming and would like to book a Magician, Monty is the one for you.

Unforgeable Magic Shows:

Check out this video of Monty's Guinness World Record

Learn more about our shows.

Learn Magic

Learn magic tricks that will make you the life of any party.

Imagine the ability to enter a room, and with just a deck of cards in your pocket, instantly become the life of the party, or the talk of your school.

In no time you will be turning heads with unbelievable magic. You will have a reputation like never before! So get started now. Try out one of our easy to learn tricks.

Start learning magic now with some of our easy to learn tricks .
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