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Learn how to train your dog.

Learn how to repair binoculars. Complete Tutorial.

Learn to repair and restore classic and antique cameras. Complet Tutorial.

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Magic News:

Wall Street Journal

The Magic Table, a Lunch Tradition With Tricks
Wall Street Journal
Each Friday, in the back corner of a cafe in Midtown, veteran magicians gather to share stories, swap secrets and eat soup. The tradition, known as the Magic Table, dates back to World War II, when some of the world's great conjurers lived and ...

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Las Vegas Blog

Smoky Mountain Opry to add magic show
The Mountain Press
The Smoky Mountain Opry Theater will feature magician Darren Romeo beginning next March. The entertainer has entered into a three-year agreement to bring his show, "Magic Beyond Belief," to the theater. Romeo is a protĂ©gĂ© of Las Vegas magicians ...
Siegfried & Roy's Protégé headed to Pigeon Forge magic showLocal 8 Now
Siegfried & Roy's Protégé, Darren Romeo, Brings Las Vegas to Tennessee with ...Las Vegas Blog (blog)

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News & Observer

Life Stories: Magician Phil Willmarth kept his craft from disappearing
News & Observer
He retires from advertising in 1998, but along the way writes and publishes many books, including “The Magic of Matt Schulien” (1959), “Fun With a Handkerchief” (1969), “The Ring and Rope Book” (1975), “Jim Ryan Close-up” (four volumes, 1980-81), and ...

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Party Tips:

Sometimes even the quietest of parties will precipitate a visit from the local law enforcement agency. If the police arrive be courteous. They may have been called to your party by an irate or concerned neighbor (who may not have been invited!). Try to answer the concerns of the police officer outside your front door. Stay calm and respond to reasonable requests ("keep the noise down, move vehicles that may be blocking the roadway, etc.") If you are intoxicated, don't attempt to negotiate with the police, send your spouse or trusted friend to the door, an intoxicated host gives the police a valid reason for concern (and possibly further action). Never get out of control, especially at your own party!

Dogs think dogs are people. Cats think people are cats.

A little Magic History: more history

C. James McLemore was the 16 th. I.B.M. International President from 1954-1955

Monty makes a great Emcee. Magic and Emcee's were made for each other. The magic is exciting and will keep your audience on the edge of their seats. Monty's presentation is funny and mysterious at the same time. Your audience will talk about your event for years to come. Get more information.

Tips for Magicians:

Volunteering for non-for-profit venues

Volunteer to do your magic show for non-for-profit organizations as often as you can; it’s the best way to gain experience and to make yourself known. Hospitals, care homes, charity fundraisers and schools can give you a lot of "free" promotion.  

Magical Creatures:


Simurgh first started out as a lion-bodied bird but eventually turned all bird. Simurgh is said to live at the Tree of Knowledge whose branches have the seed of every plant that has ever existed. This Persian bird is believed to have a magical touch that heals on contact, and have seen the world destroyed and created three times, thus having the knowledge of every age that has existed. Simurgh is said to be so large it can carry an elephant. It is also known to take children to nurse or adopt.

Secrets to magic:

Learn to perform the ring and rope routine.

Learn Monty's Rope and Ring Routine. In this routine, Monty tells a story about a magic ring called the Magic Portal that was handed down from magician to magician. Each magician learned to do something new with the Magic Portal. You will find instructions for this illusion and many others in the catalog. You can download the instructions instantly and start learning how to perform this fun magic trick and illusion.

Learn to perform this great illusion.
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