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How Female Magicians Broke Through the Magic Circle's Boys' Club
The elusive magic society marks 25 years of female members this October.

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National Catholic Register (blog)

One of the Greatest Magicians of the 20th Century Was a Marianist Brother
National Catholic Register (blog)
How can magic be entertaining? There are only so many ways to produce a bunny out of a hat. (There are exactly 32.) Being a professional stage magician, I can assure everyone that it's exceedingly difficult to create magic tricks and still more ...

Time Out Los Angeles (blog)

Lady magicians step into the spotlight at L.A.'s only all-female magic show
Time Out Los Angeles (blog)
In a 2013 article for The Atlantic, reporter Ashley Fetters investigated wild gender disparity among magicians. The stats she found on the subject were scant, but estimates were that only 3–8 percent of professional magicians in the U.S. were women.

Party Tips:

Creative lighting will contribute much to the atmosphere. Try replacing some bulbs with colored lamps or low wattage bulbs. Strobe lights and black lamps can add to the fun.

I wasn't born a fool. It took work to get this way.

A little Magic History:

12/31/2001 Monty's Magic Theater presented it's first New Year's Eve Show. We reserved the entire 11th. floor of the Queen Emma building. There was a small turn out of only about 30 people but every one had a great time. Volunteer performers included Aaron Vermeer who put the show together, Monty, Harvey Ouchi, Bob Festa, Dan Harlan, Glen Bailey, Carlos Armando, Mark David and Steve Williams. Back stage and preshow help included several of the performers plus Yona Chock, Al Chock, Bryan Yoshimoto and Wendy Vermeer.

Tips for Magicians:

Volunteering for non-for-profit venues

Volunteer to do your magic show for non-for-profit organizations as often as you can; it's the best way to gain experience and to make yourself known. Hospitals, care homes, charity fundraisers and schools can give you a lot of "free" promotion.  

Magical Creatures:


Simurgh first started out as a lion-bodied bird but eventually turned all bird. Simurgh is said to live at the Tree of Knowledge whose branches have the seed of every plant that has ever existed. This Persian bird is believed to have a magical touch that heals on contact, and have seen the world destroyed and created three times, thus having the knowledge of every age that has existed. Simurgh is said to be so large it can carry an elephant. It is also known to take children to nurse or adopt.

Secrets to magic:

Magic production Box

Magic production box
Great for producing things like trick or treat
candy for Halloween, Small birthday presents, or something for that special
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